The purpose of a diamond certificate is to offer you the highest possible level of security and confidence.

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SDI Colorstone Report assesses the characteristics of a loose or rough colored stone (weight, measurements, shape, cutting style, color and identity)

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SDI jewellery report contains description, color and clarity grade of diamonds studded in the jewellery piece.

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Get industry ready !! Learn from experts which involves providing practical knowledge and exposure that is required to start a career in this industry 











We use all the latest tools and equipments for all testing purposes to produce most accurate testing results.


All the graders are well experienced with thorough knowledge and updated with the latest market treatments.


We constantly gather market updates through reliable sources and educate the industry with the same.


Service and quality of certification has made us one of the most trusted testing labs in the country. We ensure timely delivery of services with uncompromising quality.


Some of the esteemed jewellers who have benefitted through our training programs:

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SDI has been a great place to start career in the world of jewellery every minute I have spent in SDI was so useful in learning something purposeful in both about the industry and about life.SDI helped me to find a place for myself to kick start a beautiful career in the industry. I am really honored to say that I am their student and grateful to SDI for helping me out in every possible way. Thank you SDI.
Jewellery Designer  - C.Krishniah Chetty and Sons
SDI was a place where I learnt a lot about diamonds and started my new career. Here, I came to know more about diamonds in a very deep and clear way which helped me a lot in my business. Now as I got confidence to buy and sell diamonds on my own I started up with a new diamond business which would not possible without SDI.
Utsav jewellers
SDI was a fantastic place. I am very much thankful to Ashok sir for giving us this knowledge and also for his inspirational and motivational speeches. I hope to see SDI at International level. SDI Rocks
Ankit Kewachand Jain
SDI is a very good place for learning about gems and jewellery. A brilliant learning experience. The faculty is very good and creative. My experience at SDI will always be memorable. All the best.
Sudip Khamra
CADD designer  - Swarn Mandir,Tumkur
SDI the more we say the less. SDI has the one of the coolest infrastructure and definitely the coolest, kindest & most friendly faculty I have ever seen. I have done my gemology and diamond grading class too Ashok Sir himself was my mentor .He use to take extra interest and help us to learn how business is done ethically as well as keeping us updated with the latest information in the jewellery line his passion for teaching is just incredible.
Akshay Jain
Graduate gemologist
Great classes and got lot of knowledge and enhanced my diamonds skills. The classes were never like classes, it was just like group studies. Good learning experience with fun. Thank you SDI.
Ashish Saklecha
Inder Jewellery Mart  - Owner
Happy to be a part of SDI , specially CAD. Beautiful batch mates, Awesome staff, Friendly nature all over. Never forget the Beautiful days of “CHRISTMAS”.“Words are less to express “.Thanks to all for everything.
Raghavendra Konda
CAD Designing  - Student
I felt that the institute was awesome, was a good learning experience and was very interesting. I made most of the facilities available. The 3 months course was like 30 days. It went very fast and here is the end. It was a very good class and students were very friendly and made good friends. Thank you especially to Ashok Sir. He was awesome.
Diamond Grading  - Student
The facility and teaching provided by SDI is really good. They groom us from a stone to a diamond. Jewellery Designing manual gave me the in-depth knowledge of jewellery and CAD gave me the complete practical knowledge. I would like to thank the faculties of SDI to for giving me such good knowledge in this field. This is one of the very good institution I can tell you.
Rithika Bhansali
Jewellery Designing & CAD Student
Honored to get a chance to learn COMPUTER AIDED JEWELLERY DESIGNING @ SDI. The course has given me the knowledge of making a design of jewellery to ready to sell product. I will be back at SDI for learning more enlightening courses
CAD Student
It was a wonderful experience at SDI, the teachers are very helpful, Motivative and supportive. I have done my CAD and Jewellery Designing courses from SDI and I would tell that it was great learning hear at SDI.
Jewellery Designing & CAD Student
The environment at SDI is very calm and peaceful. All the members at SDI is very friendly and supportive. The faculties are very nice helpful. The teaching is good and I have enjoyed the entire course. The complete course was fun and very interesting for me.
Adithi M.V
Jewellery Designing & CAD Student
  • It was pleasure bring a part of JD student, it not only gave me knowledge, it built self confidence and it also made me built the future. The faculty was really motivative, she was always available even after the class hours.
  • Dimple P - Jewellery Designing Manual
    I had a wonderful time at SDI. The course has helped me attain and increase my knowledge in the particular field. SDI has a great environment and ambience were studying happens with enthusiasm and joy.
    Ankitha Jain - Jewellery Designing
    It was really good experience studying and learning in this institute. There was no doubt left that was unanswered. All are friendly enough so even the silliest things were answered.
    Madhan - Diploma in Gems & Jewellery
    Had a wonderful experience at SDI, the knowledge rendered was 5 stars. The faculties are super experienced and I would always recommend SDI to those who want to make up their career in gems and jewellery.
    Pinky Lalvani - Diploma in Diamond Grading
    I was new to this field, had literally no knowledge about the course. This course was really helpful got detailed information about gemstone, came across so many stones. Sir guided us very well, helped us a lot.
    Thrupti D - Graduate Gemologist
    I had an amazing time in SDI, loved the way our faculty interacted with us. The amount of knowledge was not limited only to the box. The faculties here all have immense amount of patience and knowledge to teach us whatever we asked for.
    Pranith Jain - Graduate Gemologist
    The day when I was here for the admission, I was totally worried about the classes and institute. Once when I got admission, that moment changed the total perception of the course and SDI. It was a total package of knowledge and experience. The faculty was so patience and cool. I wish we had met before. He has the total knowledge of gemstones. He helped us in all the possible aspects. The course was worthful and knowledge.
    Preetam Palankar - Graduate Gemologist
    The entire course of Diamond Grading met my expectations. It was a beautiful journey. Found good companion and a really good instructor, Learnt a lot about diamonds. Very friendly environment.
    Jatin Jain - Diploma in Diamond Grading
    Jewellery Design is skill with creativity and hence cannot be just taught. SDi helped being my creativity out skillfully and technically accurate. I enjoyed the process, the classes and the environment at the institute.
    Sakshi Gupta - Jewellery Designing Manual
    Choosing SDI was the best decision ever, from being skeptical about what I was doing to loving what I do, SDi has helped all along. The people I am surrounded by fill me with so much positivity and I have a special bond with each and person here. I Love all the faculty members and this place holds a very special place in my heart.
    J S Ramya - Jewellery Designing Manual
    An excellent teacher, very friendly and knowledgeable, smiley face, very co-operative. Now I have the confidence to identify gems. Thanks for help and support
    Srujana Naramala - Diploma in Color Stone Identification
    Dear Rajesh Sir, Very friendly and excellent teacher I met in this course, I loved coming to class and learning here, no matter how slow in doing things you always helped me, Thank you so much sir.
    Mahima Bohra - Diploma in Gems & Jewellery
    The staff here is excellent, was a bit confused before joining the institute but got a great amount of knowledge. I am happy with the course
    Prajwal Gowda - Graduate Gemologist
    I Really enjoyed coming here spending time, learning things I would really miss Ankitha ma’am our best faculty, the institute will ever get. She will be missed,she made us into a good individual and a designer.
    Kavi Nivetha - Diploma in Gems & Jewellery
    I can never forget the experience that I had here for the past 6 months. Knowledge and learning how to draw a line from designing aspiration, I have learnt so many, not just about Jewellery Designing but also everything apart from that. Can’t thank you enough to have Ankitha ma’am as our staff, for ever grateful
    Haritha Varsha - Diploma in Gems & Jewellery
    I have had my best time doing this course. The course is very useful for life, have enjoyed my classes with teacher and friends. Thank you so much for this experience
    Namratha.B - Jewellery Desgning Manual
    One of the best institutions. They have made everything so easy to us. Teaching staff and the management has been in touch with us right from the start. Glad to be part of this batch thank you for giving us the right path.
    Sanjay Bohra - Diploma in Diamond Grading
    Dear ma’am not just as teacher but even as a person you are super sweet, fun loving and approachable. You always treated me as your very student and I have always look forward to coming to class only because of you. I really hope to stay in touch with you, in business and in person.
    Riddhi Bohra - Diploma in Diamond Grading
    It has been amazing 2 months for learning Gemstone as it was more like passion but now, I can use it professionally. Sir you have given good knowledge about industry and about manufacturing. Looking forward for learning from lab.
    Komal Kumari - Graduate Gemologist
    It was a very interesting course, very friendly sir got to learn many new colour stone and got very advance information about gemstones.Sir was very punctual and helpful thank you for such an interesting course.
    Adesh Ostwal - Diploma in Color Stone Identification
    I sincerely thank the management, faculty and the staff of SDI for giving excellent opportunity for the students. I personally thank prof. Rajesh for his untiring efforts to make students feel comfortable and understands the subject extremely well. It is my personal experience that SDI is the best among all the institutions in jewellery related subjects. Thanks for the opportunity given to me to study at this great institution.
    Chittibabu Sairaj - Diploma in Color Stone Identification