What is Acid Boiling exactly??

Boiling is one method of cleaning diamonds, at some stages of the manufacturing process, dirt sticks to the diamond’s surface, which can be traces of adhesive, dust from polishing, or other things, Diamonds are not affected by acid and are therefore not harmed. After the boiling process, the diamonds are cooled, the remaining acid steam is released, and the diamonds undergo another regular cleaning process & dried well with cloth.

At the end of the process, the diamonds are sparkling and bright, clean from any remaining external dirt.


  • This process is done under expert supervision,1:1 ratio of Concentrated Sulphuric & Nitric Acid is been used.
  • Situations that are more threatening to a diamond’s stability are those that involve sudden and extreme temperature changes. Those changes can cause thermal shock and create new fractures and cleavages or cause existing ones to spread.


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