In Manual Jewellery Designing Program , the main focus is more on practical aspects of design along with all the manufacturing technicalities and make sure that the piece designed and rendered does the talking. Our process of teaching is accompanied with lot of actual work experience and make sure that the student is taught every aspect of designing and every small details are taken care of like the settings, the manufacturing, the flexibility and the economy of the piece. We provide all the facilities along with some real manufacturing videos, PPTs, and live visits to factory. One-on-one attention is given to track every student’s progress and achievements. We encourage students to participate in all kinds of competitions conducted by jewellery industries, and help them build their network by taking them for industrial visits.

  • Free hand drawing
  • Elements and principles of Designing
  • Basic guidelines
  • Shading techniques
  • Detailed rendering and Illustration of Gemstones & Metals
  • Theory and Illustration of Settings & Findings
  • Techniques of Designs
    1. Rings
    2. Pendants
    3. Necklaces
    4. Earrings
    5. Armlets
    6. Jhumkies
    7. Bangles
    8. Bracelets
    9. Brooches etc.
  • Briefing of Diamonds 
  • Briefing of Gemstones
  • Inspirations and Theme designing
  • Variants of Jewellery worn in National and International Market
    1. Kundan work
    2. Enameling
    3. Thewa work
    4. South Indian close setting Jewellery
    5. Temple and Nakaas Jewellery
    6. Filigree and Gold Textured Jewellery
    7. Diamond and Gemstone studded Jewellery
  • Details study of Metallurgy
  • Jewellery History & Eras Of Jewellery
  • Techniques & Fundamentals of Jewellery Manufacturing
  • Goldsmithing and silversmithing
  • Techniques of Designing Men’s and Kid’s Jewelley
  • Casting Jewellery
  • Gold Calculation
  • Guest Lectures
  • Projects & Tests
  • Market Trends
  • Portfolio Assistance.


  • 6 months
  • 120 sesssions
  • 5 days a week
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