Important Limitations/Disclaimer/Terms and Conditions for Certification

  • The reports made by SDI Lab are not a guarantee or neither appraisal of value.
  • Neither SDI Lab nor any member of its staff shall any time, be held responsible for any discrepancy which may result from (i) when, how and by whom the product is examined and (ii) the changes and improvement in techniques and equipments that may have occurred after examination.
  • Grading/testing/examination is based on techniques and equipments available at SDI at the time of examination.
  • Grading in mounted jewellery is done as per mounting permits.
  • In the event of any claim by the recipient for any loss/damage/error/omission to the item submitted, directly or indirectly, the liability of SDI shall be limited to the amount it received as a fee in connection with the report.
  • Metal/ metal purity/stone weight(s)/No. of stones are as per client disclosure and not verified by SDI.
  • Tests which are not applicable, needed or useful in identification are not performed.
  • The conclusions of the reports reflect the findings at the time it is examined. A gemstone can be treated, modified and re-cut to enhance its colour and clarity anytime.
  • The certificate does not indicate the process through which the specimen has been treated or not to its present color or quality unless otherwise specified.
  • Clarity grade is based on 10X magnification and Colour grade is based on comparison with SDI Masterstones.
  • Any dispute / arbitration concerning the reports shall be governed by the Indian Judicial System subject to the jurisdiction of Bengaluru in the state of Karnataka.
  • The client recognises that SDI is a neutral organisation and has no financial interest in any article(s).
  • This report is provided upon the request of the client of the article(s) .By issuing the report ,SDI does not agree to purchase or replace the article.
  • SDI will not held responsible for the client property after 30 days from the date of receipt.
  • The client authorises SDI to deliver any article(s) to any person presenting the receipts for that article(s).

         Kindly Note : SDI reserves all the rights to change or modify the above mentioned terms & conditions.



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