When a lot of diamonds are received, they are graded as per the 4Cs of a diamond. A diamond assortment report issued by a SDI lab provides a detailed and objective analysis of a diamond’s characteristics. The report typically includes information on the diamond’s carat weight, cut, clarity, and color, as well as other important details such as fluorescence and Number of diamonds. This report is typically used by jewelers and buyers to ensure that they are purchasing a high quality diamond that meets their desired specifications. This report is considered to be the most accurate and reliable assessment of a diamond’s quality, as it is conducted by an independent third-party with no vested interest in the sale of the diamond. Additionally, a diamond assortment report provides peace of mind and assurance for buyers, as it guarantees the diamond’s authenticity and ensures that it has not been treated or enhanced in any way. . They are grouped based on the clients’ requirements. And based on their criteria, they are selected or rejected. 



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