In SDI diamond grading is taught on a different level that is we teach students how to grade diamonds both on par with national and international level and also educating them with local terms and languages used in the market. We provide students with ample of real diamonds to grade which in turn makes them very well versed with every expected diamonds they come across. So, by end of the course the students would have graded minimum one thousand diamonds and the course is followed by both practical and theory exams at the end . 

  • Properties
    • Physical properties.
    • Chemical properties.
    • Optical
  • Inclusions in stones as per species & varieties, Unique inclusions for identification.
  • Causes of colour in gemstone.
  • Instruments used for practical identification of gemstones – microscopes, refractometer, dichroscope, polariscope, S.G, hardness testing instrument, filters, loupe & others.
  • Precious stone are known as such reflecting its rarity and as well as their quality and hardness, often used in fine jewellery.
  • Identification of natural gemstone (Rough & polished) from its simulants & synthetics.
  • TREATMENTS: Identification of treatments.
  • Description of gemstone on the basis of colours, species & chemical composition.
  • Method of synthesis.
  • Various shapes & cut of gemstones, engraving on stones, drilled stones.
  • Extensive practical training.
  • Special focus on the major gemstones available in the market.
  • Market system of gem buying & selling.
  • Uses of gemstones, gemstones in jewellery.
  • Theory & practical exams.
  • Awarding certificate.


  • 2 Months
  • 40 Sessions
  • 5 days a week
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