A program designed to identify and grade diamonds in just 5 days. Includes 90 % Practicals. A must-do course for the diamond section team.

  • Properties of Diamonds
  • Diamond anatomy
  • Carat – weight estimation and measurement
  • Color – grading individual Diamonds for color by comparing with master stones
  • Clarity – study about inclusions, blemishes and grading clarity
  • Cut – study about proportions that includes estimation of crown height, crown angle, Table size, pavilion depth & other cut proportions with full cut grading
  • Full grading of certified diamonds
  • Diamond simulants & Identification
  • Grading mounted jewellery
  • Study about fancy cuts
  • Jewellery settings
  • Pricing

Who can benefit: Diamond graders, traders, manufacturers and diamond sales team

Duration: 5 Days