A good knowledge about assortment can reduce a lot of mistakes that happen in selection of diamonds in trading and jewellery manufacturing. This program gives a better understanding of stars and melee diamonds.

  • Carat -sieving different sizes for jewellery manufacturing
  • Colour – Grading individual diamonds for colour comparing with master stones
  • Shading as per local market like white,off-white, TTLB,TTLC,etc
  • Clarity- Study about inclusions & blemishes
  • Clarity sorting of categories like VVS, VS, SI and I clarity.
  • Cut- understanding ideal, shallow and deep cuts
  • Cut sorting into excellent, very good, good, fair and poor categories
  • Full sorting of groups with all parameters
  • Diamonds simulants & Identification
  • Pricing basics
  • Grading mounted jewellery
  • Local Diamond market terms

Who can benefit : Diamond assorters, graders, manufacturers, beginners and quality control departments


  • 5 Days
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