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Diploma in Diamond Grading

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Diploma in Jewellery Designing

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Diploma in Colorstone Identification

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Diploma in Computer Aided Jewellery Designing

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Diploma In Gems & Jewellery

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  • Navrathan Jewellers
  • Vishwas Jewellers
  • Vijay Gems
  • Sneham Jewels
  • Shinys Gold

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  • Vijay Gems and Jewellery
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  • C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons
  • Muliya
  • Pathi Gold Jewellers
  • Sanghavi Diamonds INC

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See what our students and trainees have to say about SDI

Fashion Jewellery was quite interesting course & I enjoyed it. 

Student , Fashion Jewellery Making (April-2017)

I enjoyed the class.I have learnt many things to do and actually Teacher was friendly and she tought us good. And I wish this class was held for still more days also I am happy to be here. Thank you maam.

Student , Fashion Jewellery Making (April-2017)

It was fun. Course was good .

Student , Fashion Jewellery Making (April-2017)

It was a good experience learning about Manual designing and getting to know lot of new things and playing with different colours. Thanks to the faculty for best teaching and always been helpful when in need. Thanks SDI for the wonderful platform.

Vibha Jain
Student , Jewellery Designing (April-2017)

It was wonderful experience to learn JD. Thank you SDI for providing foundation for aspiring people who work for excellence in creativity. Tq for providing a good atmosphere at the institute and co-operative faculty.

Sneha Mohan
Student , Jewellery Designing (April-2017)

Jewellery Designing is indeed a beautiful course and the journey of designing with SDI totally gives way to a persons creativity to come out and builds confidence in a person to actually enter the Jewellery industry.

Rashi Jain
Student , Jewellery Designing (April-2017)

Learnt a lot in gemology class. Faculty was kind & their teaching was good.These classes were helpful for my higher studies.Instruments were in the standard level. Thank you for both the facultiess for sharing their knowledge with us.

Sowmya. K.R
Student, Diploma in Gems & jewellery ( October-2016)

I have learnt newthings in CAD. This is my first class and learnt a lot of things. Excellent explanation and syllabus by faculties.

, Titan Industries limited - TANISHQ ( February-2017)

I appriciate the structured way of training. It supports in covering all required learning area. Very good interactive training sessions.Thanks.

, Titan Industries limited - TANISHQ ( February-2017)

I loved the course, always wanted to learn about Gold & its qualities. Now I can also do a Gold Appraisal & help my dad . Thanks to Solitire.

Nikhil Ranka
Student, Gold Appraisal (October-2016)

Knowing about diamond is different and learning about diamond is different .This institute and course helped me a lot to know more about DIAMOND. I need to thank Anish Sir a lot. He has heped me in different step.I would really fell happy to work with Anish Sir and even Ashok Sir.He has supported me in all the ways. I amhappy to be a part of SOLITIRE DIAMOND INSTITUTE.

Aditya . V. Jain
Student, Diamond Grading (September-2015)

Overall experience at DG was very good. Teachers were always pleasant & helpul. The ambience here is also homely. Gonna miss the DG class for life.

Vishal Jain
Student, Diamond Grading (September-2015)

This course has made me love diamonds even more & fascination also.The thing bet about the course was the clarity in teaching and the positive atmosphere. It was an amazing experience. Life time expeience.

Harsha Jain
Student, Diamond Grading (January-2016)

They say time lies when you are enjoying , and this is wht happened to us over past three months. Itwas a wonderful time here.Alot of funfilled experience right from the first class to the IIJS trip. It was an amazing experience whwich will be cherished forever.  

Hitesh .T. Dhariwall
Student, Diamond Grading (January-2016)

SDI is a great plaform to learn CAD jewellery deigning. I am greatful to Raksha maam and Krupa maam for being patient enugh to solve our never ending doubts and querries.They have guided and supported us as well. Thanks to Nisha maam alo for the support towards our placement assistance.My sincere gratitude to Manjula maam for all her help ,prior to the start of the course till the  end of it.Thank you all! 

Subha.R Cheleri
Student, CAD designing (October-2015)

ASHOK !  What a guy you are ! Great teaching and explaining method...and knowledge sharing. I am so happy to attend your session..Please keep going lik this.Thank you so much.

R. Kumar
, Titan Industries limited - TANISHQ (September-2015)

It was really a nice experiencein the institute that go and learn a lot of things. A big thanks to Zoya maam for lways helping me nd encouraging me to do new things. overall it was really a nice experience.

Minal Jain
Student, Jewellery Designing (July-2016)

Instructors were really good. Class was on time. Very well organised. Friendly environment. Thanks to Raksha Maam & Krupa Maam. Happy to be a part of SDI . 

Shubham Jain
Student, CAD designing (February-2016)

Teachers are like Vast Oceans who will never go out of knowledge. Thank you Sir.

Rakesh Jain
Student, Gold Appraisal (January-2014)

Right  from the journey at 7.30am to seeing those gloomy faces at 9am that was the best part. The faculty was amazing with an deccan of knowledge to share with and gain from. The instruments were on par with Global Standards and videos to help out with. An amazing experience, thank you for it.

Student, Diamond Grading (April-2017)

Learnt a lot about the discipline! Went from knowing nothing to knowing what I believe quite a bit about diamonds! Experienced teachers!Nice class rooms! Thank you!

Student, Diamond Grading (June-2015)

D best place for Jewellery Designing course in Bangalore .

Hema Rohit Reddy
Student, Jewellery Designing (March-2017)

A really good platform to learn jewellery designing.

Raveena Praveen
Student, Jewellery Designing (April-2017)

Best institute to learn about jewellery , colorstone and diamonds. 

Arjun Achar
Student, Diploma in Gems & Jewellery (March-2016)

Awesome place to learn designing and an opportunity to bring out creativity.

Vishwaja Doradla
Student, Jewellery Designing (April-2017)

SDI is a good platform for Jewellery Designing course. Faculty was very good at teaching and clearing up the doubts. Good atmosphere.

Nandhini Kannan
Student, CAD designing (March-2017)

The course was amazing and truly upto the expectation.

Suresh Jain
Student, Colour Stone Identification (April-2017)

Good course for the person who wants to learn about gemstone. Would recommend about the course for the people who want to start career in jewellery.

Manish Kumar
Student, Colour Stone Identification (April-2017)

The Gold Appraisal course has given me knowledge about Gold which will help me in my future to start up my own business of gold in my life. 

Ruchika Bhansali
Student, Gold Appraisal (February-2017)

It was an amazing experience. Highly qualified teachers and also very approachable. Thank you for all the guidance and support.

Akshita Bafna
Student, Diamond Grading (December-2016)

It was really amazing to learn from SDI. No matter what doubt I had Paul Sir always used to clear it. The course is amazing and it was amazing fun learing with him. Thank you!

Arpit Bhansali
Student, Diamond Grading (November-2016)

One of the best colleges for students who want to study Jewellery Designing and take it up as a profession.

Surabhi Ananth
Student, Jewellery Designing (March-2017)

      It was nice experience to join color stone essential course. Good structure of programme, highly qualified teachers. Experience in practical part of more understanding the “Gemology world”. Beautiful start in “Gems world". Great 3 days. Thanks for it. 

Tetayana Boyko
Student , Colour Stone Essentials (November-2016)

       The teacher had all the knowledge about jewellery industry, shared all the experience .Gined a lot o knowledge. It will help in future of my Growth.

Student , Gold Appraisal (September-2016)

The knowledge what the teacher had about the jewellery industry was very good & I learned many things about the industry & with this base I’m confident to succeed in the industry & do big.

Devendar Jain
Student , Gold Appraisal (September-2016)

         I felt that the institute was awesome, was a good learning experience and was very interesting. I made most of the facilities available. The 3 months course was like 30 days. It went very fast and here is the end. It was a very good class and students were very friendly and made good friends.Thank you especially to Ashok Sir. He was awesome.

Student , Diamong Grading (August-2016)

Dear SDI,

We are really thankful for the learning from your institute. Very knowledgeable faculty - Mr. Ashok Rathod

Student, Diamond Grading Corporate programme (April-2016), Titan jewellery

       The class is when diamond becomes known to you  if you are a beginner. Ashok Sir is one of the best faculty I have come across in training. The knowledge and talent he has is amazing. I wish him all the best for his future. 

Student , Certificate in Diamond Grading (February-2016)

Great sessions, loved the positive energy in the system. God bless you all.

Mayaz Shariff
Student , Certificate in Diamond Grading (February-2016)

The class was awesome. 

Kapil Jain
Student , DGJP (January-2016)

       Happy to be a part of SDI , specially CAD. Beautiful batch mates, Awesome staff, Friendly nature all over. Never forget the Beautiful days of “CHRISTMAS”.“Words are less to express “.Thanks to all for everything.




Raghavendra Konda
Student , CAD Designing (January-2016)

It was great explaining and learning the course from SDI . We had good faculty for training. THANK YOU.

Santoshi Jain
Student , CAD designing (April-2017)

We got training on gemstones and it was an excellent learning programme for the entire team. Got good learning from faculty as he guided us in a very friendly manner and taught very effectively. It was a wonderful learning experience for all twelve of us.

T.Raja Sekaran
, Titan Company Ltd. (Jewellery Division), Hosur

Always our healthy gratitude to "Ashok Sir".

Product knowledge helps you explain differnce in value to a jewellery customer.

We pray for your health, wealth and prosperity. "Keep growing and make us also grow".

Staff members
, Neelkanth Jewellers

Solitaire Training has given our front end staff confidence to deal with customers. Whether its holding a loupe or answering questions for our clients, it makes a new team quickly off the ground.


It was great being with the professionals be it knowledge, be it conduct, be it delivery outstanding in all. Thanks to Mr. Ashok Rathod and team for creating interest in diamonds. Feeling elated to gain knowledge on diamonds for which so many acquire on. Thanks a lot for spirited effort and passionate training.

Vijender Hadyan
Head HR, C.Krishniah Chetty & Sons,Bangalore

Solitaire diamond institute has been very good place to learn with enjoyment. Our experience here will always be in our memory as we have enjoyed the experience along with learning. I am going to refer this institute to a lot of people, as what I have benefitted must be benefitted to others also.

Ashok Kumar D
Partner, Navarathan Jewelers,Bangalore

I am truly satisfied with the teaching here. The environment is really friendly. A perfect place to learn about gems and diamonds.

Mahaveer .S.Katariya
Proprietor, Arihanta Jewelers,Bangalore

I am very happy to be part of SDI and glad that they started gold appraisal course. The facilities provided was really good. The time I spent in SDI was great and will always be memorable.

M.B. Balaji
, Sree Balaji Jewels Paradise,Bangalore

No words can explain how gifted we are to be trained my Mr.Ashok Rathod at SDI. I wish and pray that every individual get a chance to be part of Solitaire Diamond Institute. Thank you SDI

K. Ramesh Babu
, Neelkanth Jewelers,Bangalore

I want to thank you that I am a part of this Institute. I had a very good experience and learnt so much about Gems and Jewellery Industry. Good environment and friendly faculty.

Imran Pasha
, CAD designing,Bangalore

My experience at SDI was great. It helped me in developing my knowledge about Diamonds. Had some of the best days of my life at SDI. Thank you

Deepak Mehta
, Student,Diamond Grading

Great classes and got lot of knowledge and enhanced my diamonds skills. The classes were never like classes, it was just like group studies. Good learning experience with fun. Thank you SDI.

Ashish Saklecha
Owner, Inder Jewellery Mart

SDI the more we say the less. SDI has the one of the coolest infrastructure and definitely the coolest, kindest & most friendly faculty I have ever seen. I have done my gemology and diamond grading class too Ashok Sir himself was my mentor .He use to take extra interest and help us to learn how business is done ethically as well as keeping us updated with the latest information in the jewellery line his passion for teaching is just incredible.

Akshay Jain
Graduate gemologist,

Solitaire diamond institute is just more than an institute it has so much to teach then just diamonds. It also shapes ones thinking and brings an enjoyment to learning. The experience here will never pass out from memory. I would recommend each and every diamond aspirate to join this institute not only to learn about diamonds but to learn much more than that. All the best.

Hradesh Jain
Diamond grading ,

I am very proud to be a part of solitaire diamond institute. I feel really happy n glad. Here I learnt more than what I needed. Thank you sdi. All the very best.

Rashid Pallipuram
Diamond Grading,Kerala,

I am proud to be part of SDI and Ashok sirs student. I would recommend this institute to people who ever is interested in diamonds. I would like to express my gratitude to Ashok sir. Thank you for all your support.

Sonu Surana

I feel very proud to be associated with Solitaire Diamond Institute(SDI). SDI follows all lines and principles meant to be by an institute. I wish to be back for more knowledge.

Swarna Anand Nichani

The classes was excellent. I am happy to be a part of SDI. Very informative and good educative sessions. All the very best for future.


SDI is a very good place for learning about gems and jewellery. A brilliant learning experience. The faculty is very good and creative. My experience at SDI will always be memorable. All the best.

Sudip Khamra
CADD designer, Swarn Mandir,Tumkur

SDI was a fantastic place. I am very much thankful to ashok sir for giving us this knowledge and also for his inspirational and motivational speeches. I hope to see SDI at International level. SDI Rocks

Ankit Kewachand Jain

It was a nice experience at SDI. I have completed my CAD course at SDI and now I am working as a CAD designer at Swarn mandir. Thank you SDI.

Chandan Das


SDI was a place where I learnt a lot about diamonds and started my new career. Here, I came to know more about diamonds in a very deep and clear way which helped me a lot in my business. Now as I got confidence to buy and sell diamonds on my own I started up with a new diamond business which would not possible without SDI.

SDI was a place where I learnt a lot about diamonds and started my new career. Here, I came to know more about diamonds in a very deep and clear way which helped me a lot in my business. Now as I got confidence to buy and sell diamonds on my own I started up with a new diamond business which would not possible without SDI.

Utsav jewellers, Bangalore
SDI has been a great place to start career in the world of jewellery every minute I have spent in SDI was so useful in learning something purposeful in both about the industry and about life.SDI helped me to find a place for myself to kick start a beautiful career in the industry. I am really honoured to say that I am their student and grateful to SDI for helping me out in every possible way. Thank you SDI. Akshatha.K.Badri.(Solitaire*)
Jewellery Designer, C.Krishniah Chetty and Sons.